Handwriting Without Tears

“Handwriting Without Tears” is a MUST HAVE program designed by Occupational Therapists to improve fine motor, visual perception, and eye-hand coordination skills which impact a child’s handwriting abilities.

This program is a simple, proven successful, user-friendly resource which WILL improve your child’s letter formation, speed, neatness and legibility in handwriting skills.

This program uses a consistent, easy to follow, multi-sensory approach and is very successful with the 2-lined method to teach proper letter formation.

It is an easy and fun way to learn the skills that often frustrate our children, parents, and teachers. The program is also designed to use with left-handed children and includes easy steps for pre-writing skills, and learning printing and cursive handwriting for children of all ages and developmental levels.

This fantastic handwriting program includes multiple resources for children, parents, therapists, and teachers. You will have the supplies you need to help your child learn and improve their handwriting skills.

For more information on Handwriting Without Tears, please contact us, or visit the Handwriting Without Tears website.