Difficulties with speech and language can significantly affect your child’s development, academic performance, and social skills.

San Diego Occupational Therapy now offers individualized speech and language therapy services that can help your child flourish and succeed.

What exactly is a Speech and Language Pathologist?

A Speech and Language Pathologist, also known as an SLP, has advanced training and education in evaluating, diagnosing, treating, and helping prevent delays and disorders related to speech, language, feeding, fluency, social skills, cognitive-communication, voice, as well as specialized training in sensory integration and primitive reflexes.

Signs of Speech Delay

  • Not speaking as much as peers or not speaking at all.
  • Difficulty understanding your child’s communication.
  • Using negative behaviors to communicate – like hitting or biting or aggression.

Why Speech in a Sensory Clinic?

Research shows us that engaging in multi-sensory input – such as swinging, jumping, rolling, and all types of movement based activities while engaging in speech related tasks demonstrates improved results with speech therapy. Sensory integration therapy in conjunction with Speech Therapy activates the centers of the Brain that are responsible for speech and language production. Utilizing this multi-sensory-based approach with our highly qualified speech therapists can help your child achieve their therapy goals that much more quickly!